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Dec 19 14

ACM Network Competition Results


The results are in! Here are the winners from the competition!
First Place: Margaret Nazelli (Right)
Second Place: Lauren Gaber (Left)
Third Place: Zachary Bruck (Middle)


Dec 19 14

ACM Network Security Competition


We are hosting our local chapter’s very first network security competition. In this competition we will be exploring the Vigenere Cipher. We will talk about how this cipher is executed and see how it is attacked. The exercise will use the Vigenere Cipher visualization tool. The exercise can be found in the attachment. More information about the Vigenere Cipher can be found here.


Dec 15 14

ACM Programming Competition Winner


The winner of the Fall of 2014 ACM Compeitition is Zachary Bruck. In second place, we Have Margaret Nazelli. Congratulations for the winners! Pick up your prizes at the next ACM Meeting.

Dec 12 14

ACM Programming Competition Tonight


The ACM Programming competition will be tonight in CIS 139 at 6pm-10pm. The competition is open to all and is geared towards all levels. Come participate in a chance to win some prizes. More details at the competition.

Feb 27 13

ACM: Back in the Swing of Things


Greetings ACM Members,

Your friendly campus news-poster here putting in a little work keeping you up to date about our chapter and the goings-on on campus There is quite a bit to look forward on both ACM’s calendar and campus in general.

Google is coming to campus on Wednesday March 6th from 6-7pm in Kochoff A, to recruit for full time positions through their FixIT Challenge Event. The event is being coordinated through Career Services and Mai Qazzaz. All interested should RSVP to The attendance has been limited to 40.

On Thursday March 7th, at 6:30pm in CIS  room 121, Compuware will be coming to talk to ACM about the professional development programs available to graduating seniors and possible internships for current students. Refreshments will be provided.

On Wednesday, March 20th at 6:30pm in CIS Rm. 121, Urban Science is coming out to talk about the opportunities available to students through their company. The location is still to TBD, but expect it to be in CIS 121.

On Wednesday, April 3rd at 6:30pm in a location TBD, ACM has invited DTE to campus to talk about the many opportunities they are offering students in both full-time positions and internships. All students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) are invited as well as student from the School of Business.

Please check out the calendar for more details about ACM’s schedule as well as other CECS organizations on the U of M – Dearborn campus.

We’re sure its getting to around that time in every student’s schedule where the semester’s tasks are starting to pile-up. Remember to stay calm, and work through it. Ask for help and spend some time in your teachers office hours. The more they see your face, the better you will do.

If you have any questions about anything presented here, please contact “officers DOT acm DOT umd AT umich DOT edu” for more information.

— Da VP