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Jan 12 15

ACM Community Volunteering – Boy Scouts Programming Badge


On Saturday, January 10, ACM members volunteered in giving back to the community by staffing the Boy Scouts Programming Badge. Volunteers spoke to the scouts about a variety of topics ranging from the milestones in the evolution of programming to the different positions that are held by current programmers in the IT field. Scouts also were introduced to programming concepts using Construct 2, JavaScript and Logo.

This Semester’s volunteers were:CAM00236

Bruck, Zackary
Drewes, Steven
Gardner, Eric
Maxim, Bruce
Nazelli, Margaret
Nazzal, Mo’ath
Yackley, Jeffrey

Thanks for your hard work everyone!

20150110_122800 CAM00226 CAM00227 CAM00230

Dec 19 14

ACM Network Competition Results


The results are in! Here are the winners from the competition!
First Place: Margaret Nazelli (Right)
Second Place: Lauren Gaber (Left)
Third Place: Zachary Bruck (Middle)


Dec 19 14

ACM Network Security Competition


We are hosting our local chapter’s very first network security competition. In this competition we will be exploring the Vigenere Cipher. We will talk about how this cipher is executed and see how it is attacked. The exercise will use the Vigenere Cipher visualization tool. The exercise can be found in the attachment. More information about the Vigenere Cipher can be found here.


Dec 15 14

ACM Programming Competition Winner


The winner of the Fall of 2014 ACM Compeitition is Zachary Bruck. In second place, we Have Margaret Nazelli. Congratulations for the winners! Pick up your prizes at the next ACM Meeting.

Dec 12 14

ACM Programming Competition Tonight


The ACM Programming competition will be tonight in CIS 139 at 6pm-10pm. The competition is open to all and is geared towards all levels. Come participate in a chance to win some prizes. More details at the competition.